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Summer Solstice Festival

stonehenge - festival of summer solstis

We are now fully and completely into summer.  Isn’t it wonderful!?! 

The summer solstice happened this past weekend and like every year it’s a good reason to celebrate the longest day of the year at Stonehenge.  Archeologists think that Stonehenge was built precisely for the purpose of acknowledging the Summer Solstice.

We like the mighty Stonehenge. This astounding wonder of the ancient world seems like it would have been impossible to build with the tools and machinery of that day. The site itself shows evidence of settlement that predates Stonehenge, which points to an ancient hunter gatherer culture that did not leave any writings behind. Stonehenge itself is fair proof of their workmanship and technical prowess. Built to near perfect specifications so that the sun rises above the top of the heel stone every Summer Solstice (the longest day in the northern hemisphere), which falls on the 21st of June each year.

Stonehenge was most likely erected by an ancient culture that worshiped the elements. The Sun, the Moon, the stars and planets and the earth itself, were all revered by them as these celestial and terrestrial parents brought warmth, light, food and fantastical images in the night sky which became stories , being passed down the generations.

The structure represents great wonderment, fascination and strength of endurance in its history.  There is a relationship between Stonehenge and history. It is studied with awe and fascination.  We identify with this in our approach to real estate. Our team approach is the 'Stonehenge of home selling'. Stonehenge has an image of long-term association. 

We like the idea of being your realtor for life.

Happy Summer!

Looking for a good REALTOR®? Our team approach is the 'stonehenge of home selling'.  Our mission is for our clients to have unforgettably good experiences through the business of real estate. We would like to impress you. Call today.

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